Pink Smiley Faces

Pink Smiley Faces
Stuart Semple "Happy Cloud": The artist released large bubble-foam smiley faces in to the London Sky during 2009 outside the Tate Modern to see if people had a happier day becuase they saw something different

Saturday, 17 May 2014

It speaks the truth in too many ways when you think about it

True Detective turns out to have a lot of catchy phrases, one liners and questions your thoughts long after.

Marty: Do you wonder, ever, if you're a bad man?
Rust: World needs bad men. We keep the other bad men from the door.

Marty: Well, you don't pick your parents...and your don't pick your partner.
A smart guy who's steady is hard to find...
You know, I was steady...
Rust was smart.

Rust: This is a world where nothing is solved...There are broader ideas at work.

Sargeant: You ever seen something like this?
Marty: No, sir.

Rust: Someone once told me that all your love, your hate...was all the same thing, that it was all a dream. And like a lot of dreams...there's a monster at the end of it.

Detective: Just what is it you found?
Rust: Something deep and dark.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Sleep appreciation/insomnia society

I have found the lullaby to right the world, justify our needs and take us to dreamland. 

It is not the likes of Cohle from True Detective that should keep us awake with his thoughts of monsters: 
"It was all the same dream, a dream that you had inside a locked room (points at his head), a dream about being a person...And like a lot of dreams, there's a monster at the end of it". 

This will free ourselves as did Coldplays Paradise once upon a time. Forget your monsters, witches, carnages and high powered tempers from the office futility and listen to your long eternal dreams. The ones we had as children, the sweet bliss, take that deep breathe and relax, tomorrow will come but you need to be prepared for it, now sleep... M83 Outro 
"I'm the king of my own land
Facing tempests of dust, I'll fight until the end
Creatures of my dreams raise up and dance with me!
Now and forever I am king"

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

The smell of Cycling

With a new leaf to be turned assessing my current work hiatus, I thought I'd use some of the time to keep myself positive and get back to normality. One thing that does not occur in the back of your mind when commuting to London (sat down/perched on someone elses arm rest/the bin area is also the bag storage zone) is the amount of time you spend sat in front of the computer. When you do get home your no longer capable of exercise for the train journey has rattled you to pieces and work has burned your memory to concentrate on anything useful.

Therefore; after seven months of commuting even though I was carrying a 3.5Kg laptop on a 2.5 mile walk everyday in each direction between the train and home/office, I have found I've turned into more fat, the so called muscles (some people are always going to be stronger than me) I had no longer existed. Which set me thinking, maybe I could do some exercise to break up the week and reintroduce some positives of this odd 'free' time.

Today was the first time I've been out on the bike around town covering Tunbridge Wells, Groombridge and High Rocks. A nice little route a friend suggested which was approx. 6 miles - (my speedo is flat or its not realised I'm interested again). I knew it would hurt, the first one after a slightly longer than usual winter break (it's been wet) always hurts/it's always too windy/it's always nervy and I suddenly don't like how busy town is. So when I got on the country lanes and tracks of NCN Route 18 out of Groombridge back to RTW, I was quite happy until the big down hill into Groombridge became a gradual climb back out the otherside. I was physically...inconsulable, especially as I had to use most of my gears to do hills I used to pretty much cruise over. Finding the rhythm and breathing consistently is key, not being stressed about whats around the corner and how long is the hill is key to a good mind set so you don't burnout on the way round.

After all this hard work and getting off the bike as I was partially lost in RTW Common/High Rocks little lanes -I did the same hill twice! - I got home and could smell my old school Design and Technology Lab... slightly burnt wood from cutting, fresh MDF shavings, perspex glue and a distinct aroma of P38. I think the neighbours are still doing the building work. Nothing like good memories of D.T days to take me off the cycling for a while, it's good stuff, all round cycling and past times from D.T days.

I yet to convince myself - but I do know that what it costs me in alcohol is the same as a years Tennis Membership, not economically better, but certainly the mind, body and soul could be if I quit drinking and did exercise instead (just one part to a bigger story).
Burn those extra calories sat on my tummy/swap them from lazy fat to lean muscle engines.

Don't be poking my tummy now, I didn't know I was so squidgy :-P  - you know who you are!

Sunday, 30 March 2014

We ride tonight for tomorrow may never come

Through Ashdown Forest the sunrises and bakes the land early for a late march morning. Still, the ground remains saturated, yet the overflow gullies and streams cut out into the grass heath footpaths have stopped.

What remains is the the water flowing along the main stream. This no less sounds nearly twenty years old. Back to my childhood of rolling miniture waterfalls on the pond, the stream ti Ashdown Forest carves over tree branches and round corners, bubbling... no different is that sound of gushing water you hear when visiting the fish pond shops.

Maybe childhood was not as bad as I remembered,
maybe that was what got me into this career;
the need to play with water
listen to it changing tune and paths,
dependent on the days weather.


If when passing places, you meet no people,
it does not matter, for the river still is there,
it does not stop, for continual motion is it's job.

At night it is asking questions, wondering where people retreat,
the search and belonging, the passing of time,
will at times allow it to rest, for it is at peace.

It may see more in winters, and less in summers,
it even runs a close shave of death when summers peak.
Time still tells it, it will be back, the land sits ready for it,
like a tree dormant through winter.

The tree knows no end,
and even after a hundred years,
the tree still stands.
The tree waits for the river, sucking water from beneath the ground.
The river see's its job, eternity, continual motion.

The tree knows time is limited but takes a new form,
materials for the people passing,
a returning of the energy to the ground.

The river knows the tune it holds,
people passing will stop and stare,
listening for the rolling on the waterfalls.


 We ride tonight, for tomorrow may never come, the river will continue its motion.

Friday, 21 March 2014

I know what's missing, a challenge...

Please click on the links to you tube music as you go along.
 I know what's missing, a challenge...
Maybe it's the lack of Tennis,
maybe it's the cycling challenge that's missing,
kayaking of late has been a nice thought,
it be nice to do.

Anna Ternheim, Shoreline

Moby, Flower
New places, new ride routes to explore, a break up north, to get fit,
write to the job people who may give me my next milestone,
to get back in the saddle and go with the red lights of trains and cars falling (fading) in to the distance.

Moby, Flying Foxes

To new heights, hill tops to look out upon the landscape,
 where the sun might go down,
 but rises early,
ready for a fresh run of sweet smelling rurality.
Rammstein, Haifisch

The motion.
The journey.
The freedom of pedal power.
Bushcraft is the way forward.
(An old story of Ray Mears living in the wild no less)

Anna Ternheim, My Secret

 Du bist das Schiff ich der Kapitän
Wohin soll denn die Reise gehen
You are the ship, I'm the captain
Where do you want to go? (Rammstein, 2009)
I thought of doing the London to Brighton night ride this year but it's going to be mental and not much to see.
So the Music is a helper to the cause of all:

I know what's missing, a challenge.

Monday, 17 February 2014

Completing for the sake of completing

Something has changed recently, now the year is fully underway...who would believe were already half way through February...time is challenging us already the deadlines are coming through thick and fast again. As I said though, something has changed, why is it I now have the urge to complete things, tidy things so that they cannot be undone.

For example, I've suddenly become a minimalist, I want absolute tidy clean kitchen sides where a little bit of stuff hanging around was ok. This is not OCD, just perhaps finally getting the hump with other people not tidying up. I've also found that bottles with alcoholic or not need to be completed, as if it can't sit there as an enjoyment for the next occasion it needs to be finished off and binned or a fresh one needs to be ready to go and located in a specific spot where it's not going to get in the way. Uber organised, I think not.

This also seems to be the case for books too. I'm in the middle of what is turning out to be quite a good read. 'One Man and His Bike' by Mike Carter, except even though I'm only 90 pages into it, I now feel the need to get it done and dusted and out of my hair. As if for some reason, it has been yelling at me for too long to get on with it. I always seem to find things saying you need to do this and either not having the energy or the time to bothered to do any of it.

 Once again I have to get on the train for London, my office has kicked everyone out who isn't needed whilst the flooding continues. Maybe, I should be grateful for not having to travel so far, but it's now incredibly strange that I don't want to work from home either.

Did I get itchy feet? My voice hasn't cleared up with this unending amount of coly cough, I'm going to sound like a really odd person, or maybe just maybe if I'm lucky I'll sound like Brian Cox (the actor) with a hint of Charles Dance in the air...who knows.

Either way, have it your way.
This item of writing ends here.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Why St. Valentine?

My Lovers Heart,
my bleeding Soul,
you keep me safe and make me whole.

How I wish upon the star,
for all of your desires to come true,
you are sensitive where I am not,
your tender loving care out strips my humanity.

To find someone so refined,
like the perfect grape upon the stalk,
is to find the cherished Angels on the Clouds.

Not you or any other, can stop my heart from dreaming of you.
I am yours, need I say more.
Forever my loving Giggle,

I love you,